Breathe For A Moment

Breathe For A Moment

After enjoying such a beautiful, warm, fun filled and sunny weekend, mother nature decides to grant us with a rainy, chilly Monday. Beautiful right? Though many people already see Monday’s as the worst day of the week, it being gloomy is probably the icing on the cake. But personally, I think this is the perfect time to reflect.

These past few months have been such a rollercoaster for me and though I won’t share my struggles, I will share what I have learned. Life is tough, life is a lot, life is wild to say the least lol. The different transitions that come with adulting and trying to adjust to this new chapter in your life can be nothing short of overwhelming, confusing and just too much at times. And let’s be real here, we’re all going through it mentally. Maybe not to the extent as others but everyone has their struggles when it comes to trying to figure it out. Is it common yes! But it can also be very detrimental in the long run if you don’t work on finding a moment relax.

Most of the time we don’t even realize that our minds are always running. Thought after thought, overthinking a million different situations, constantly planning for the future etc. It’s really always something that keeps our brains on the go. When I noticed this bad habit about myself, I didn’t really know what to think about it. To me, I’m a 20 something year old who is trying to adjust to adulthood and figure her life out. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that while it is okay to strive for the best and work on your future, unless you want to be 35 with the health issues of a 70 year old, you need to take a moment to breathe.

Now I’m going to be honest with you all, that whole “taking a moment to breathe” does not come easy for me, at all. It’s such a bad habit of mine to overthink and constantly try to achieve this, that and the third that it’s second nature to me. But I’m willingly to try for the sake of my mental health and physical health. Yes your physical well being can become affected by not taking care of your mental health. With that being said, I’m learning that everyday is a new day. To take it one step at a time. Rushing and forcing things to happen exactly how I want them to probably won’t leave me with the results that I would like. I’m starting to let things flow. Of course I will still be working on myself and my future but again, I need take it one day at a time.

I’m sharing this with you all (and to remind myself) to simply say, take a moment for you. Life is a lot. It can be amazing and exciting one moment and in the blink of an eye it can become a hot mess. It’s important to find a medium for yourself. A place you can go when things become too much for you to handle. When you feel things are spiraling out of control. Or even when life is working in your favor. You should still stop and take some time to relax, release and recharge. Not only will it bring you clarity but also a mental peace that plays a huge part in you succeeding. So always remember find a time to stop and take a moment. It’ll all work out.

xo, Jay